We offer residential and commercial pest control services to rid your property of carpenter bees, snakes, spiders, crickets, squirrels, ants, bedbugs, beetles, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, moths, rodents, silverfish, stinging pests, termites, and more!

At Lane’s Termite/Pest Inc, we specialize in protecting you from:


ANTS – Ant control can be tricky, but there are certain things we know about ants’ behavior that make us experts in ant control. Most DIY ant control methods only get rid of the ants you see. Our effective treatments can infiltrate and destroy nests to prevent ants from returning.


BEDBUG – If you have noticed any evidence of bedbugs or want to protect your home against the destructive potential of this multiplying intruder, we will inspect your home and suggest a bedbug removal plan according to the severity of the invasion and your preferences.


BEETLE – While beetles aren’t really a health hazard, they can damage clothes, carpets, mats, blankets, quilts, and more. We will determine the type of beetle that is creating the problem, then use the most effective method (spray, fumigation, or heat treatment) to bid good riddance.


CARPENTER BEE – Carpenter bees are wood destroying pests that are generally active in the spring. While they are highly unlikely to sting you unless you try to physically contact them, they can cause substantial damage to wooden structures. Our professionals can help you get rid of them.


COCKROACH – Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and usually prefer dank, dark places. You need to beware because roaches can enter your home in a number of different ways. If the invasion is bad, we will use insecticides that will kill the roaches through ingestion.


CRICKET – Crickets tend to make a characteristically high-pitched mating call. If you feel you have crickets around your home or property, we are your best local pest removal company to ensure that your home is free of crickets in no time at all.


EARWIG – Earwigs are brown in color with a pair of pincers at the top of their abdomen. Its name comes from the misconception that it can creep into the ears of people who are asleep. If you are experiencing an issue with earwigs at home, call us today.


FLEA – Simply thinking about fleas in the home is enough to make your skin crawl, but it is quite commonplace for most households. Pets can get fleas from other animals or places and bring them home. But once they are inside your home, you’ll want to get rid of them fast.


MOUSE – To most people, mice are simply irritating. Unfortunately, they also possess the ability to spread diseases which can lead to death or permanent damage in human beings. As professionals, we are licensed to use a range of formulations that effectively control mice.


SILVERFISH – Silverfish can invade your home when you bring paper sacks or wooden boxes into your house. Their strange shape allows them to live inside the tiniest of crevices. Their activities are nocturnal, so you may not even notice them until you notice their damage. We can protect your home due to nearly fifty years of industry experience.


SPIDER – Spiders are undoubtedly the most feared home invaders. We understand that spiders are natural predators and they mainly feed on other insects. So we reduce the other insects and pests around your home, making it impossible for the spiders to exist.

Flying Ant

FLYING ANT – Unlike termites, flying ants nest in wood, but don’t eat it. Winged ants are the reproductive forms. They commonly enter structures and most winged forms die before establishing a nest. If you have not seen them in your home during the winter, you’re probably fine.


TERMITE – Termites can cause substantial damage to your home, especially your furniture. With 45 years of experience and the strongest guarantee in the business, our experts at Lane’s Termite & Pest Control will protect you from these troublemakers.


YELLOW JACKET – Yellow jackets are yellow-and-black wasps with glistening bodies. They tend to set up nests in the damp areas of your house that are not frequented by people. If you see yellow jackets in your home, you need to call our professional pest control company right away.

To request your free termite inspection or to request more information about our termite & various pest control services, contact us or call us at 301-423-4258, 703-300-1622, or toll free at 1-800-595-BUGS (2847).